Dear Men, I love you

For the last few years I have poured all my heart into supporting women, helping them heal, connect with their deepest essence, come into their power and let go of the chains the society has put on them.
But I never forgot you.
And never ever did I saw you as an enemy when I was talking about how women are being treated in this society.
I was always just showing our part of the equation. And I always knew that you are carrying a burden that is not in any way lighter than the one we as women are carrying. And I am sorry I haven’t started speaking up earlier.

But know my heart is reaching out to you so badly that I can’t keep it to myself anymore.

I feel fed up.
Fed up with women who see you as the evil of all problems; who have made enemies out of you; who deny you your feelings and your needs; who put you down, use you, manipulate you, belittle and emasculate you.

You don’t deserve that.

I see you.
I see your soft heart that just wants to be held gently.
I see your longing for deep, intimate connection.
I see your desire to express yourself fully.
I see your need to finally let the fuck go and just be.
I see your fear of your own power, your intensity, your rawness.
I see you and I love you.
And I am sorry for all the things you have to go through.
I see the humanness in you.
I held you in my arms while you were crying.
I had my hand on your heart while it was filled with deep sadness.
I witnessed you in your deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities.
I have been holding space for you while you were expressing your anger and at the same time shivering from your own fear of it.
And I loved you through it all.
Because you are human – and your humanness is so welcomed with me. And I want it to be welcomed in the world.
I am fed up with the society telling you it is not okay for you to cry, to be weak, to show your feelings, to be unsure, to not know the answer, to not wanting to take a lead, to not be able to repair things, to want to try things out that go beyond “norms”.
I can’t even put into words how special and magical you are!
And I want to see, feel and receive ALL OF YOU: your love, your gentleness, your care, your messiness, your power, your rawness, your rage, your vulnerability, your fear.
I want you to own all that you are: the Lover inside of you, the Father, the King and – YES! – the Beast. Because fuck yes, there is a beast inside of you! (and inside of me too, by the way)
I want you to OWN all of that and to step into your full power.
I want you take your throne back.
I want you to sit alongside of me.
It’s time for us all to let go of the old ugly stories we have been telling ourselves.
It’s time to put down the weapons.
It’s time to get rid of the thick armour and to bare our bleeding hearts. And to help each other heal those.
It’s time to meet each other in deepest vulnerability, utter respect and unconditional love.
Time has come for a new world that we can only build TOGETHER.
So women, I ask you to let go of the ugly, false stories you keep telling yourselves about men. And I invite you to look deeper.
Men, I invite you to re-connect to your beautiful hearts, to let us see the true you and to start casting off the chains this society has put on you.
I bow to you.
I love you.
And I am here for you.
Was ist Erotik und warum ist sie überhaupt wichtig?
Über Schönheit


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